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How to use the SAQ quiz

Be as concise as possible: "xyz cell" may be right, but "a nice xyz cell" won't work.

Your spelling does not have to be perfect.
If e.g. "erythrocyte" is the right answer, "ertrocyt", ErY throCyt", "red blood cell", "RBC" and even "eds blod Celes" will work, but "Eds bud cell" will not.
The computer will let you know if the spelling was acceptable but not quite as it should be or as it was expected.

The right answer is given if your suggestion is considered wrong - it will be the term I prefer. If you e.g. answer "solponx" to a question to which "salpinx" is a correct option, then "oviduct" is given as the right answer.

Answers are evaluated based on UK English spelling.

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