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Last updated: 07/08/09

Content changes
It took me much longer to get back to these pages than expected. Small steps taken seem better than big plans dreamt of. So, I have continued the revision of the images. In addition to the ones I did almost 3 (sigh!) years ago, the pages relating to muscle, nervous tissue, cartilage and blood are finished. The text of these pages was also slightly revised.
The page with links to other sites was revised.
Several new images have, as usual, been added to the large images page.
About 50 items have been added to the SAQ quiz.
Note! The VSCOPE pages are technically outdated, and more than one reasonable virtual microscopy page is now available on the net (see Links page). If I do not hear any complaints, these pages will be dropped in one of the next revisions.
Technical changes
The automated search for keywords on the Large Images page works for all content pages.
The pop-up window has also been eliminated from the SAQ Quiz.
It took me 10+ years to convince myself that text on a screen is easier to read in a sans-serif font. The site now uses sans-serif fonts throughout.
The style of the pages for display on screen and printing is now controlled separately. When printed, the font is still Times Roman; there is a wider left margin; the background is white and some elements are no longer visible. I may improve the print layout further, but at least this is better than it was before.
The site is no longer mirrored by the University College Cork, Ireland.


Content changes
I have revised the images on the page Integumentary System and a few images on other pages. They are now also 400 x 500 instead of 300 x 400. The revision of images of the 'tissues' pages should be finished before the end of the year. Basic cytology pages are still in preparation.
Technical changes
The automated search for keywords on the Large Images page now also works for the notes pages Integumentary System, Vascular System, Male Reproductive System and Endocrines.
The vast majority of screens are now at least 1000 pixels wide. The pop-up window has therefore been eliminated from the MCQ Quiz. It should now be more comfortable to work with the MCQ quiz.


Content changes
With the increase in available bandwidth, speed of connections and size of screens, the images deserve to become a little larger. I have revised the images on the pages Epithelia and Glands and Connective Tissue. They are now 400 x 500 instead of 300 x 400. The increase in image size allowed the use of a larger font for the labels and, sometimes, additional labels without crowding the image. Some minor updates and revisions of texts of these pages were made. I hope that it will not take too long before the next set of pages with corresponding revisions is posted.
Basic cytology pages are in preparation. The pages actually exist, I have written a few texts and selected a few illustrations. But it is too little to put them online now. Listing these pages already now may embarass me into finishing them a bit quicker.

Within a few weeks a European mirror of this site should go online. This should improve access and reduce the load on the Australian server.
Technical changes
Klicking on the keywords for large images in the Additional Resources sections of the pages Epithelia and Glands, Connective Tissue, Muscle, Nervous Tissue and Skeletal Tissues - Cartilage and Bone now automatically searches the Large Images page.

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