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This is not a comprehensive list of histology sites on the internet. It is just a small selection of sites that I for some reason or another find worthwhile visiting. If you know of something nice, let me know, and I'll have a look.

Wikipedia has developed into a comprehensive information resource also with regard to histology. The texts and images are often good, although it may be not a bad idea to verify facts in a good textbook. Also, the Wikipedia pages are not organized around a medical/science histology curriculum and it may be a little tedious to find pages and decide on what is relevant.
University of Iowas Virtual Slidebox Histology
This is about as close as you can get to useful virtual microscopy. A comprehensive set of slides is available. The entire slide, or at least most of it, can be looked at online at all magnifications, and it is not that slow ... well, at least not via a broadband connection. There are no labels, but this is the place to go if you need to brush up on "real" microscopy, i.e. go through slides and see if you can find / identify all the bits you have learned.
In addition, you will also find a histopathology slidebox and a slide search tool on the page.
UCSD School of Medicine MedPics
Originating from the University of California at San Diego, USA, the images are concisely annotated, interactively labelled and organized in a logical ammer, which makes this atlas resemble course notes. The images are larger and somewhat better (but not always good) than those of older sites like Lumen or JayDoc. The normal set of slides is accompanied by a set relating to pathology.
UIUC-COM Histology
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Internet Atlas of Histology is technically one of the more advanced histology sites on the www. Image quality is generally good. The only complaint one may have is that the images are rather small - relating to the fact that the site has been online now for quite a few years. Sections can be found by looking up under "Slides" or by "Object". "Labs" provide access to slides with accompanying short texts and guides.You also have access to quizzes if you follow the link "UIUC-COM Histology Home Page".
It may take a few minutes to get used to the user interface of the site. The site requires the installation of a jre plugin, but is pretty much standard these days.
The histology site of Loyola University Strich School of Medicine, Chicago, USA has been around for a long time by www standards - apparently since 1995. The site is straightforward to use, but the unlabeled, small images do show their age badly. Recently a 'zoomified' version of the images has been added to the site. The mode of presentation corresponds to that of the Iowa Virtual Slidebox, but in contrast to the latter, brief descriptions with labeled images accompany the virtual slides.
University of Virginia Health System - Cell and Tissue Structure / Physiology
You will find concise lecture handouts - both as webpages and PDF files, an exhaustive set of images with brief descriptions, an introduction to microscopy (partly based on external pages), self-study pages and practice questions, and, finally, general resources and clinical correlations (good selections of material available on the web). Everything is bundled into "subject area" pages, which makes it easy to find your way around without drowning in unsorted information. A few pages and functions are not publicly accessible.
JayDoc HistoWeb
The histology site of the University of Kansas Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, USA provides a comprehensive set of labelled slides with brief explanations. Images are available in two sizes - the smaller ones are OK and load reasonably fast, the bigger ones look better and, of course, load a little slower. Part of the contents of this site were produced by medical students for medical students. A short list of links useful for medical students is included. There have not been substantial changes to the site for a few years now.

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