Week 2

Online Histology Pre-lab

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Histology of Connective Tissues - 2

Fibrous connective tissue (Connective tissue "proper")

In the three pictures below :

First note the scattered cells and the matrix filling the spaces among them.

Then compare the packing and arrangement of the fibres.

Remember : In fibrous connective tissue, especially dense, nuclei of fibrocytes are thin and flat!

Loose connective tissue, seen  supporting an epithelium. This is from the oesophagus.
Thin, wispy strands of fibres, scattered nuclei. Compare with epithelium.

Dense irregular connective tissue. Note thicker bundles of fibres, running in different directions.

This picture is from the the dermis.

Longitudinal section of tendon.
The collagen bundles are thick and parallel. Flat nuclei of fibrocytes aligned with fibre bundles.

This is a real picture, unlike the one shown in the lecture!

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