Week 1

Pre-lab : Histology Lab material - how is it prepared.

MUST be read before the lab.

Using the microscope

MUST be read before the lab.


Scroll down (if necessary) for pictures for today's histology lab.

This week's Anatomy Lab (DR) is fully explained in the lab manual. Additional exercises in anatomy will go online after the lab.

It is the Histology lab that needs some preparation. In order to understand histological lab material, we need to know the special methods used in preparing it. We do not want to be experts in the field of histotechnology, but some aspects of preparation has bearing on our interpretation of the material.

Similarly, it is necessary to be familiar with the use of the microscope. This is best done visually. A PowerPoint with photographs of the microscopes you are going to use is on the website.
Click Here to see the "Using the microscope" PowerPoint in a new window.

The exercises relate to understanding the scale of measurement in histology, recognition of cells, cytoplasm and nuclei and patterns of cells.

Lab 1 exercises Histology


Exercise A :
Cell P labelled; RBC in the circle
Exercises A and B : Cell Q Exercise B : Cell S

Exercise C